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I2G - Infinity 2 Global partnership with Songstergram

I2G & Songstergram Partnership and Business Overview

Tweet I2G & Songstergram Partnership and Business Overview This is Brian Firth.  I have been a affiliate for I2G for about a couple months now.  Here is my replicated website: I2G or Infinity 2 Global is a first to market network marketing / MLM company that is combining online gaming, gambling, entertainment, and social media account management into a digital product buffet that runs the table.  From international, Internet gambling with LIVE dealers in cute uniforms to a music publishing platform through their partnership with Sonstergram, I2G is…

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After Party

Wordcamp Miami 2013

Tweet Wordcamp Miami 2013 was amazing!! Sooooo many great people sharing their WordPress Wisdom! Let’s start with the Attendees! drum roll.. you heard it here first.. Wordcamp Miami 2013 had the Best Wordcamp guest list EVER!!!! Everybody was smiling, friendly, and full of beaming ideas. I was leaving thousands of dollars worth of camera gear laying around after awhile.  Well, the truth is that started happening after I did by accident and various people found my gear and returned it to me Anyway, I don’t trust many…

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Adobe Lightroom CS6 - How to use - edit photos - and integrate with the rest of Adobe suite & Creative Cloud

Adobe Lightroom : How To

Tweet Adobe Lightroom 4 can be the most valuable tool in your web construction toolset if you learn how to set it up correctly.   If you decide to take on Lightroom I hope that this series of articles Adobe Lightroom : How To  might help you avoid some of the mistakes I made along the way.  I’ll include some links to resources I found helpful and try to my best to help you to learn how to use Lightroom Cs6 the easy way We’ll…

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The Best Canon DSLR Cameras in 2013

Tweet What are the Best Canon DSLR Cameras to buy in 2013? Let’s start a little debate here about what exactly are The Best Canon DSLR Cameras in 2013 :-) Canon is finally hitting the CILC market if size is important to you.  We are reviewing some compacts and some full body DSLR cameras.  Please add your thoughts and opinions in the comments below! Here’s the 2013 Best camera / DSLR review from CNet: These are more on the casual user / civilian models: & Here is there Best Professional DSLR Cameras…

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keyboard shortcuts for wordpress

Printable WordPress Keyboard Shortcuts – Cheat Sheats

Tweet Here are some links to some collections of the best Wordpress WordPress Keyboard Shortcuts- printable – Infographics – Cheat Sheets WordPress Keyboard Shortcuts can save you invaluable time and speed up your workflow! WordPress keyboard shortcuts are key to your productivity in the world’s most popular CMS.  Here a few great shortcut cheatsheets you can print out! From WP Daily If you want to take your WordPress blogging to a whole new level of proficiency, it’s time you learned the many different keyboard shortcuts that…

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How to organize Google Adsense for reporting. Custom & URL Channels explained.

How to organize Google Adsense for reporting. Ad Units, Custom Channels & URL Channels explained.

Tweet What Are Custom Channels? Ad Units? URL Channels?..  and How to Organize Them in your Google Adsense dashboard for gaining valuable reporting insight into your Adsense Ad Campaigns This is the definition directly from the source.. the Google Adsense help department Let’s start with what an Ad Unit is.  Here is Google’s definition: What is an Ad Unit and how do I organize Google Adsense for reporting? Ad unit  A set of ads displayed as a result of one piece of the AdSense ad code. You…

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Wishlist member review - membership plugin for wordpress

Wishlist Member Review – WordPress Membership Plugin

Tweet   Wishlist member is a membership plugin for wordpress with a great community and training material collection. Wishlist Member Review This is a good overview of Wishlist’s membership options and features including: Unlimited Membership Levels Create “Silver”, “Gold”, “Platinum”, or any other “levels” you want! Charge more for higher levels of access – all within the same blog.   Integrates With Your WordPress Site Whether you’re building a new site or integrating with an existing WordPress site, installing WishList Member™ is a breeze. Just unzip the file,…

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NewWebTalk Weekly our weekly digital newspaper version I on is out in news stands now!

Tweet    NewWebTalk the weekly digital newspaper version is out in news stands now! This is going to be fun!  You should make one too! Easy, painless & who hasn’t wanted to be the editor of a newspaper?   Our E-paper NewWebTalk Weekly is out! Here is the premier issue of our digital newspaper through What is ( pay-per-lee) is content curation service that enables you to become Editor-in-Chief of your own news site and publish topic based newspapers from content you find…

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What’s the best video hosting and marketing platform for WordPress?

Tweet So you have some video that makes your business look fabulous.  Now what do you do with it? Who’s has the best video hosting and marketing platform and services for WordPress? Here are some of the more popular video handling services on the internet today.  Some are stand alone platforms that can gain you exposure in their communities.. i.e. Youtube and Vimeo.  Some are more geared toward streaming ( Justin.TV) and Livestream.  Some are designed for self hosted (you host and serve the video…

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